National EcoArts Conference - Call for Abstracts

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30 Oct 2015 - 5:00pm

EcoArts Australis

The EcoArts Australis conference is an opportunity for you to network and communicate with others who are using the visual and performing arts in creative ways to foster environmental sustainability.

This year’s conference will have sessions on the following topics:

  • Using the visual and performing arts in educating and communicating about the environment
  • The arts and climate change
  • Creating the green city using the arts: transport, housing and energy
  • Art and science: how each can give to the other
  • Supporting environmental activism with art
  • The arts putting us in touch with nature
  • Building a society with a smaller environmental footprint through the arts
  • The place of the arts in community based natural resources management

» Ways to participate

Performances and visual arts will be embedded throughout the conference, including:

  • Choral and music performances
  • Visual arts (photographics, sculptures, ephemeral installations etc.)
  • Circus, ecocabaret, environmental theatre, etc)
  • Performance-guided walk in neighbouring littoral forest and beach
  • Artists and musicians in residence

» Registration